“I lead NEL Healthcare Consulting’s analytics specialism and also work closely with the NHS England regional team. People complain about drowning in data but not really getting the information they require. What my team and I are passionate about is translating the enormity of NHS data into actionable insights and information that can inform clinical decision-making and improve patient care. Our analytics work can be anything from informing service redesign through to evaluation. Alongside delivery of the National Population Health Management Dashboard, NEL is also an accredited Right Care partner, so we have carried out deep dives for North west Devon and other CCGs across London, Essex and Anglia that helped systems identify where they could improve patient outcomes and achieve savings by optimising pathways.”

Rahul Pasumarthy - Associate Director, NEL Healthcare Consulting

Rahul Pasumarthy
Associate Director

Geoff Berg - Assistant Director, NEL Healthcare Consulting

Geoff Berg
Assistant Director

“The first time I grasped the importance of good management was having to make the business case to orthopaedic surgeons in Vancouver to switch to a single supplier for orthopaedic implants, which saved a lot of money but took some doing. I’m particularly interested in helping primary care organisations. Most GP practices are struggling to keep up: not only do they struggle to meet patient demands, but everything has become more complicated – fragmentation of payments, administrative workload and the regulatory environment. It is one of the reasons small practices are becoming unsustainable, and increasingly we’re seeing that happen to larger practices. That can’t work. You can’t have a health service with general practice on its knees.”

“I’ve worked in the NHS for 18 years, mainly in acute trusts. I was involved in supporting the first foundation trusts, and some trusts with massive financial challenges: through turnaround programmes, mergers and demergers. I was also involved in one of the first STP programmes in South East London. At the beginning of my career I was focused on establishing the value of communications and being open with patients and staff. Now I also spend a lot of time supporting transformation and organisational development. It can be difficult to do in the NHS as people are scared of change, and sometimes the process takes over. My role is to remind people who it is we are here for and to bring the person we’re talking about back into the room.”

Molly Baack - Senior Consultant, NEL Healthcare Consulting

Molly Baack
Senior Consultant

Chris Smith - Junior Consultant, NEL Healthcare Consulting

Chris Smith
Junior Consultant

“I am a Junior Consultant offering programme and project support around data analysis and PMO support. I have worked in the public sector and the NHS for much of my career and I believe the service user should be the focus of all my work. I always think about how the work I do will impact on the service users and what the positive outcomes will be for them. My biggest accomplishment at NEL is being part of a review of London’s Secure Homes project team. The project began as a needs assessment but I have since been part of developing a business case, which was approved, presented to the Department of Education for further funding to build secure services in London. It’s incredibly rewarding work.”