The Elective Care Development Collaborative (ECDC) was launched by NHS England to test 100-day interventions in elective care. The aims of the interventions were to improve demand management, reduce unnecessary activity, improve performance and increase patient experience. NEL Healthcare Consulting was commissioned to design and deliver comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

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What we did

Firstly, we co-developed the monitoring and evaluation framework, which outlined the overall approach for the programme. We then facilitated multiple logic model sessions to visually represent intervention ideas and identify relevant metrics to track, and co-created 14 logic models with the teams. Regular data reporting was also collated into live dashboards to measure the success of interventions in real time. At the end of the 100 days, a comprehensive report summarised the findings, ways of working and lessons learned.


  • Co-developed monitoring and evaluation framework

  • Created live dashboards

  • Facilitated multiple logic model sessions

  • Delivered comprehensive campaign report

  • Co-created logic models


Through comprehensive reporting and evaluation during the project, we were able to show promising early signs in many of the interventions, ranging from nurse confidence and patient education to reduction and rerouting of referrals.

Our weekly management dashboards helped stakeholders monitor real team performance and correct course of action as needed.