One million Londoners experience mental ill health each year. Of those, 75% with low level symptoms do not receive any form of treatment. Many, without timely help, may develop a more serious issue. The Good Thinking digital wellbeing service was designed to help them understand their needs and get support.

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Outline of key highlights for Good Thinking project

What we did

We provided full agile programme management, including procurement and contracting, operational modelling, communications and stakeholder engagement. We developed clinical governance, information governance and online safety policies to support the programme, and successfully managed stakeholders, including PHE, Healthy London Partnership, the London Mayor’s office, the Office of London CCGs and London Councils.


  • Agile programme management

  • Communications management

  • Procurement and contracting

  • Stakeholder management

  • Operational modelling

  • Developed governance procedures


The programme directly and indirectly saved more than £85 million.

Users who have accessed help through Good Thinking partner apps have also seen positive outcomes. For example, those using and completing the Bemindful course saw, on average, a 44% reduction in feelings of depression and a 40% reduction in anxiety levels.