The Population Health Management (PHM) Dashboard approaches consider all aspects of physical and mental health, coupled with the wider determinants of health (such as housing) to inform predictive and preventive planning approaches for integrated care.

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Population health management workflow

What we did

We led a consortium with partners including Cerner, Imperial College Health Partners and Optimedis Cobic UK to design and build a performance and population dashboard. Our engagement with the project included project and stakeholder management, modelling NHS data flows and providing IT to support the project.


  • Consortium-led project delivery

  • Modelled NHS data flows

  • Performance and population dashboard

  • IT support

  • Project and stakeholder management


Version 1 of the Population Health Management Dashboard has been released nationally and to regional teams after engagement with key stakeholders from NHS England, NHS Improvement, NHS Digital and Integrated Care Systems.

More work is ongoing to further develop and design this dashboard.