Liaison and Diversion (L&D) services are established to identify people with mental health issues or other vulnerabilities who come in to contact with the youth or justice systems. NEL Healthcare Consulting was commissioned to review and remodel London’s L&D service.

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What we did

We first collected and analysed data from all providers, London’s three police forces and Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Services to provide actionable insights, captured in a report for the client.

In phase two, we developed a set of options for each themed recommendation for the client to prioritise and helped cost the client’s preferred options.

We then held provider workshops to collate feedback and review the plan, and developed a pan-London implementation plan.


  • Data collation and analysis
  • Hosted provider workshops

  • Developed themed recommendations

  • Developed Pan-London implementation plan

  • Full cost analysis of remodelled services


Through combining an evidence-based approach with consultative, system-wide engagement, we secured £4m additional investment in London’s service. This was distributed across the eight providers to support delivery of an equitable service provision across London.

We continue to support NHS England with mobilisation of the remodelled services.